serum ~ rose

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smells like a bouquet of old world organic roses plucked from the garden at their peek, because they in fact were, right here in beautiful california! they exude their botanical benefits for your skin during solar infusion in light weight organic plant oils

feels like skin plumps even after quickly absorbing and deeply penetrating. organic roses are naturally antiseptic and astringent; redness and puffiness dissipate while repairing essential oils moisturize, soothe sensitive skin, promote cellular stimulation, heal scars and regulate sebum. liquid rose gold with organic petals floating inside just for you!

this serum nourishes face, neck and décolleté while hydrating with soft calming florals, seductive essential oils. apply residual on forgotten ears, lobes and back of the hands. best results are seen when applied morning and evening after you cleanse, rinse, pat partially dry. use alone for a sheer fresh glow or under makeup. lovely after waxing and other hair removal. superb beard and bump reducing after shave oil too!

even better combined with complexion soaps to cleanse before use.

25ml in clear glass bottle with glass dropper for simple application
vegan as always and best used within six months of opening