aroma descriptions


... carefully combined botanical, essential and perfume oils are created for all who enjoy them. certainly no animal testing. each ideal on their own, mixed and matched, enhance our already scented products and unscented offerings. enjoy a few drops in a bath; offer to your manicurist or massage therapist instead of basic oils; as a refresher to your sachets and in diffusors located wherever you spend time lingering.

many years of celebration for natural oils have been recorded to improve sense of being plus ones health and beauty. try our seasonal blends and see for yourself!

abundance ~ light citrus, red berries, big juicy pomegranate, early blooming jasmine and subtle musk

antoinette ~
heady floral pursued by hummingbirds and said to have been enjoyed by royalty. cozy up with this ozone, jasmine, honeysuckle, lilac and rose blend and you too may be crowned!

aqua ~ elegance with quiet calm coaxing you to keep inhaling ocean, lotus blossom, violet and soft vegetal musk

ballerina ~
citrus blossoms, rose, freesia and jasmine wrapped in musk

bay eo ~
sophisticated and herbaceous, warm and spicy. nothing better than an herbal bath with bay, laurel, spunky juniper and smoky myrtle. This is old school sex appeal for lovers of green essential oils

blossoms ~ grassy notes, always welcome muguet, classic rose, and tea with a soft vegetal musk

bouquet eo ~
sits in a vase close by reminding you she is here; for only those with a keen nose in herbal lavender, grassy rose, tea spice and a splash of bitter orange, essential oils

calm and cool eo ~
zen combined with uplifting sweet mint

capitola spice ~
cinnamon and nutmeg with light marinating sweet preserves

charcoal eo ~ zen combined with just the right amount of tea tree

cherry almond ~
a simple name for this complex combination of juicy cherries, warmed almond, intriguing tonka bean with subtle helitrope

china rain ~ fresh white lilies, chinese rose, and clean musk, hints of sandalwood and moss for a sensual, powdery finish

citrus mint eo ~
sweet mint throughout with a hint of mandarin in the background, essential oils

clarity ~ cool green, crisp citrus, velvety moss & woody herbs

cokeitt ~
a california dream come true in subtropical humidity. coconut cream combines with thick fleshy mango, sweet citrus and a hint of pikake

come closer ~
to steal a whiff of fleeting bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp apple, followed by notes of toffee and sugar ending with barely there musk

crimson ~
arrives boldly like a red sports car with the top down. ginger, grapefruit, cranberry; musk, coffee & birch tar

cuddle ~
will warm and intrigue with its powdery saffron, pepper, sultry violet and barely there sandalwood

day at the beach ~
without your permission hypnotizes in jasmine, sea spray, sand and musk

emure ~ neroli, plum, mandarin, violet greens, gardenia, ylang ylang anchored in tonka bean

dew ~ from our california morning kisses your skin with green notes and heady jasmine while exotic blossoms from freesia, lotus, and classic rose envelope, all anchored in musk

discreet ~
a time for elegance and subtly with young leaves picked from silver haired tips making them look white and flower buds yet to open. clean tea, bergamot, freesia, rose blossoms, exotic jasmine, violet sleeping in musky amber.

escape ~
into fresh greenery of the tropics with pikake, tuberose and musk

forest ~
is your private sauna daydream at home in traditional woodsy piñon pine, once known as very pine thank you

frenchie eo ~
says shoulders down with the camphor of tall stemmed french lavender buds and flowers filled with bees and swaying in the wind, essential oils

fresh ~
like a subtle breeze entering an open window, cleaning air in the room and brightening the mood

holiday ~
soft gardenia, sexy green notes with hints of vanilla

innocence ~ white tuberose, lotus, gardenia, freesia and neroli

inspire ~
after you walk or surf in our invigorating ocean while staring at the snow capped hills. green tea infusion and black currant with sparkling bergamot and mandarin, anchored in warming sandalwood and musk

laurel eo ~
once worn as wreathed crowns celebrating heroes. today said to heal aches, pains and sprains with its analgesic and warming properties. also thought to aid migraines with its parthenolides, like feverfew. nothing better than an herbal bath with bay, laurel, spunky juniper and smoky myrtle followed with botanical balm. this is old school sex appeal for lovers of green essential oils.

lol eo ~
happy bright enduring lemon citrus over bold herbal lavender essential oils

luminous ~
skin awaits with soft and powdery pit fruit’s aroma with sexy freesia, classic rose, modest violet and old school lily of the valley plus complex bottom notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk

melomelon ~
sweet summer cantaloupe with fresh crisp cucumber

mocha java ~
double dark chocolate and hot roasted coffee

modesty ~ elegantly warm, sweet yet powdery and flirty, violet

mr. big ~
is a CEO of his world be it business or social. He commands respect and attention by his selfless deeds, impresses family with his kind soul and is a role model, liked by all. ~ citrus, ozone, sharp herbs, masculine amber with woods

ocimum eo ~ with fresh summer herbals a green scent of essential oils with sea algae botanicals

optimist ~
is open, heady night blooming tubular flowers, exotic white jasmine

paradise ~ plumeria blossoms, tuberose, ylang-ylang, clove and vanilla

pretty in pink ~ did you know studies have shown people are perceived as more youthful when smelling of grapefruit? this lemon lime grapefruit cranberry and seltzer combination will lift your own spirits and the rest is a bonus!

retreat ~ into the glorious gardens of anoush… botanical and organics with year-round citrus of varying kinds sparking imagination. seasonal florals waft about as you are lulled into your calm space in amber and musk. california favorite!

sea dew eo ~
reminds us to think of the sound of water rolling onto the beach leaving dew in the air and on your skin. fresh and bright with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils with subtle spirulina

sensation ~
green yet spicy confidence with youthful innocence lilac

strawberry ~ sweet and juicy mouthwatering summer berries

sweet nothings ~
vanilla, brown sugar, citrus splash with berries and white blossoms

tweed ~ light spicy citrus, green herbals grounded in faint musk and woods

water ~ fresh oceanic herbals with crisp, clean, floral and light musk treat your senses

zen eo ~
is all about lavender, simple herbal blends and zen filled!

                although aromas are “skin safe” we always encourage testing
                             particularly for those with sensitivities

              used by medical, barber, salon and spa professionals,
                     body and massage therapists, nail technicians
                                             and now you!