z soap ~ sweet nothings

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spa soap... of sweet vanilla, brown sugar, citrus splash with berries and white blossoms. warm and comforting like home.

organic chamomile solar infused olive oil and organic rose petals infused in organic sunflower oil provide the delightful lather to cleanse your skin; nice as a shampoo as well. always palm oil free and vegan; retaining all the natural glycerin created during soap making to attract moisture to your skin. 

started out creamy yellow with rose and white colored swirls with gold glitter top. it's rich vanilla has now turned the yellow a light toasted caramel color; wrapped in beige french paper accented in rose pink, unassumingly tied with jute twine, ready to gift.

boycott ugly soap and try this one, proudly handcrafted in california!

~ delightful with foaming seltzer salts and layered with shea butter rich spa lotion