z soap ~ lavender oat

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lavender oatmeal nice & natural soap... subtly herbal with the zen of lavender essential oils

organic oats make bathing a soothing experience for the mind as well as skin. the milky green tops are often taken as a nutritive tea. here organic oats accompany organic lavender flowers infused in olive oil along with virgin organic shea butter to provide relief for itchy irritated skin.

looks neutral with oat bits throughout for a super scrub a dub. also ideal next to the kitchen sink to cleanse hands after touching smelly food, gardening, puttering on the car or other messy projects we like to get our hand into!

always palm oil free and vegan; retaining all the natural glycerin created during soap making to attract moisture to your skin.

extend the life of these scrumptious bars with soap holders

dreamy with a soaking salts, followed by balm or lotion and aroma

boycott ugly soap and try this one, proudly hand crafted in california!