z soap ~ lavender chamomile (retiring)

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spa soap... an herbal delight albeit sweet and soothing to the nose with the creamiest lather because of the solar infused chamomile olive oil. always palm oil free and vegan; retaining all the natural glycerin created during soap making to attract moisture to your skin.

neutral bar with chamomile flowers on top and tiny bits throughout for a very light scrub. nice used to remove your weekly facial mask at home with the exfoliation. ideal next to the kitchen sink to cleanse hands after touching smelly food, ex: onions!

wrapped in beige paper with turquoise designs, tied with turquoise satin ribbon, ready to gift.

proudly hand crafted in california. boycott ugly soap and try this one!

~ relax in a zen seltzer salt bath followed by balm, spa lotion and essential oil. a layered herbal delight