z soap ~ a boutique duo

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seasonal soap duo...

antoinette spa soap...heady floral pursued by hummingbirds and said to have been enjoyed by royalty. cozy up with this ozone, jasmine, honeysuckle, lilac and rose blends and you too may be crowned!

lavender oat nice and natural soap... organic oatmeal for a super scrub a dub, swimming in a light lavender infused zen

always vegan and palm oil free; retaining all the natural glycerin created during soap making to attract moisture to your skin.

thumbs up to artisan soap proudly handcrafted in california!

~ delightful layered with shea butter rich spa lotion and perfume oil

boycott ugly soap and try this duo. proudly hand crafted in california!

...fun to present to your guest, share with a coworker, offer as a hostess gift, send to a loved one and even keep one for yourself ; P