z soap ~ a boutique bundle a

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seasonal soap bundle of three artisan bars individually wrapped and ready to gift... better priced than buying individually too!

 dots ~ seductive summer florals combine with fall spices while classic gardenia and rose bow to sandalwood and vanilla. dark berry with white spheres of joy dusted in gold, just for fun. wrapped in white paper with black concentric circles with white dots, tied with red satin ribbon.

dream ~ smells softly of tropical fruit, creamy coconut puree with simple back notes of vanilla. light tan with creamy swirls topped with glittering gold. wrapped in hand stamped musical note kraft paper, tied with red and white laced yarn in a bow

enchanted ~ reminds of summer berries, violet, honeysuckle with soft and warm vanilla. palest orange with round spheres of joy dusted in purple, just for fun. wrapped in vintage french maps, tied with natural twine.

boycott ugly soap and try this bundle. proudly hand crafted in california!

...fun to present to your guest, share with a coworker, offer as a hostess gift, send to a loved one and even keep one for yourself
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