z scrub ~ mint coffee

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...lifts away dull flaky skin leaving you with a supple smooth skin texture. botanicals soothe and nourish while vegetable oils provide moisture. your skin will have a youthful glow. bottom line? looks good, smells good and your skin loves it. some even say it reduces the appearance of cellulite with regular use, WOW!

scoop this scrub with a spoon (keeping water / bacteria out) to apply liberally to damp skin. work upward in round circles to slough off dead cells. use to stimulate skin and exfoliate in bath / shower; superb with manicures / pedicures too. rinse clean and blot dry leaving dewiness behind.

bonus... perfect sink side hand cleanser after handling stinky things in the kitchen and dirty jobs in the garden too.

7oz and more in a bpa jar

vegan as always and proudly hand crafted in california!