z salts ~ soaking zen lavender

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...help soothe skin and aching muscles with a simple soak. a few handfuls of salt into your bath will satisfy. also delightful in your manicures and pedicures as well as foot baths at home. too busy to linger in the tub? temporarily place a cloth over your shower drain and drop soaking salts around your feet as you step in. a mini-soak and aromatherapy boost to your day, while you shower; removing the cloth as you exit.

this salt blend offers coarse to fine crystals, providing you with diverse liquefying rates to enjoy your soak all the more. pacific ocean salt ~ is local, from our beautiful california, solar dried and has the highest amount of salinity. epsom salt ~ is mined from rock, high in minerals. mediterranean ~ the smallest having it's own long history of therapeutic trace elements.

10.5oz in a pet jar easily recycled.

organic lavender buds frolic among the textures and shimmer adds a visual delight!

proudly grown and handcrafted in california!