z salts ~ seltzer unicorn

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for those who want variety, a mix of all seltzer salts in one

help soothe aches and uplift your sense of being with this mineral rich fizzy foaming salt soak. take the time for yourself. a few handfuls into your bath will satisfy most. lovely in manicures and pedicures as well as foot baths at home.

too busy to linger in the tub? temporarily place a cloth over your shower drain and drop handfuls around your feet as you step in. let your feet revel in foam as aroma wafts up towards your nose while you shower. take cloth with you, off drain, as you exit.

triple salt blend of varying sized crystals (shown in the close up profile picture below) will liquefy at separate rates providing a bath of ultimate relaxation. pacific ocean solar with the highest salinity, catalonian sea with its history of trace elements and epsom from mineral rock. tub time here we come!

paraben free and vegan as always

18oz offered in a pet tower for simple recycle, keep away from humidity

~ fun complemented with soap and spa lotion for a layered aroma!

proudly handcrafted in beautiful california