z facial cleanser coriander grapefruit

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gently cleanse your face with this natural combination of oils for all skin types; removes makeup too!

looks golden, filled with sensitive skin loving calendula solar infused oil, sebum regulating and mature skin dream argan oil at the top of the list along with avocado and grape seed oils

smells natural from the unrefined oils and brightened with barely there herbal and citrus essential oils

use: squeeze out desired amount on a cotton swab to remove make up or with fingers spreading directly over dry skin. massage small round upward circles from neck to hairline. nice left on a bit while bathing / showering then rinse with warm water to remove. or use a warm cotton compress to remove dirt and cosmetics followed with cool water to close pores. tone and moisturize when needed.

paraben and sulfate free. vegan as always

2oz squeeze bottle with reducer and white with gold twist top, making it easy to carry along for mid-day freshen up and travel!