domestic ~ natural laundry soap

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laundry never had it so good!

this fine powder is filled with the locally made natural soap you have come to enjoy from us. the soap is cleansing concentrated specifically for laundry. it is shredded along with natural cleansing boosters and botanical stain lifters. this is your perfect choice for sensitive skin, delicate fabrics, towel and bedding plus upholstery too.

rinses clean without the coatings left behind with synthetics. we like using it for extra grimy pre-soaking, carpet spots, ceramic stains...
as always, pretest all items of concern.

cold, warm and hot; hand wash, top and front load machine compatible.
chemical, detergent, petroleum, phosphate and sulfate free
eco-friendly, biodegradable and vegan

30-75 loads and even more with hand wash
500 grams in a paper bag with tin fold
spoons available under accessories
offered unscented; add your favorite aromas

laundry soap ~ multi use powder
laundry soap plus ~ extra cleansing powder for whites
laundry spot stick ~ pretreat bar for spots prior to laundering