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seasonal bundle trio of artisan soap bars

charcoal ~ spa complexion soap... fresh tea tree balanced with a complex blend of herbal essential oils focusing on your skin. its anti-fungal and antibacterial components assist ingrown hair and acne prone skin, combat body odor, soothe itchy feet and superb as a kitchen soap for onion and garlic hands. the detoxifying begins in one use by drawing debris from the skin and the creamy organic virgin shea butter soothes the drying for your facial at home and to cleanse your body; your normal to oily skin wants this one. generous portions of activated charcoal makes this bar black with grey suds which may temporarily stain washing cloths.

frenchie ~ spa soap... says shoulders down with the camphor of tall stemmed french lavender buds and flowers filled with bees, swaying in the wind. creamy lather rolls across your skin from the virgin organic shea butter and organic lavender flower infused olive oil. alkanet root creates the natural purple of this essential oil soap. this is your perfect shampoo bar as well as body cleanser.

lavender oat ~ nice & natural soap... subtly herbal of lavender essential oils. organic oats make bathing a soothing experience for the mind as well as skin. the milky green tops are often taken as a nutritive tea. here organic oats accompany organic lavender flowers infused in olive oil along with virgin organic shea butter to provide relief for itchy irritated skin. looks neutral with oat bits throughout for a super scrub a dub (think foot  exfoliate). also ideal next to the kitchen sink to cleanse hands after touching smelly food, gardening, puttering on the car or other messy projects we like to get our hand into!

extend the life of these scrumptious bars with soap holders, combine
with a soaking salts and aroma

always palm oil free and vegan; retaining all the natural glycerin created during soap making to attract moisture to your skin. 

boycott ugly soap with this specially priced bundle. proudly hand crafted in california!

...fun to present to someone you care about, share with a coworker, offer as a gift, send to a loved one and even keep one bundle for yourself
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