aroma ~ botanical stick

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botanical sticks are often used to #smoke" or "smudge" in ceremonial ways to clear spirits and clean the air. light the free-form end then blow out once caught allowing the smoke to fill the air. walk from room to room to move energy and cleanse air, or simply place in a heat safe bowl. stamp it out to use the next day or at a future time.

these seasonal beauties contain:
organic calendula... inspires healing, optimism & vitality, attracts success in every area of life, dispels negativity & draws in warm abundance, light & love into the energy field

organic lavender... soothing & calming, relieves tension, depression & nervous exhaustion, encourages a restful night's sleep, peace of mind, relaxation & happiness. produces a sense of cleanliness, peace & joy

organic nasturtium... simply adorable besides antimicrobial  properties

organic pine... protective energy, ritual of cleansing & prosperity in new ventures and dwellings, invites abundance. purifies & invigorates the mind & body

organic white sage... removes negative energy, highly cleansing, purifying & protecting; reduces allergens and toxins, antimicrobial properties, releases negative ions

all botanicals have been grown locally in a permakultar, organic no spray garden.
each stick is tied with natural cotton and dried in a toxic free environment

6-8 inches long
1-2 inches wide

other use ideas... fire starter, gift topper, home decoration, natural sachet