beard & shave oil ~ tweed

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smells like the best traditional green aroma found in high end department stores yet with a botanical bonus

organic jojoba oil is lite and quickly absorbed as it closely resembles human sebum making it useful on normal to oily skin, add magical argan oil providing delightful moisture and the bonus of healing calendula infused olive oil gives subtle herbal scent and a multitude of antioxidant properties. aroma and essential oils create uplifting fresh feeling for hair and skin.

offered in glass bottles with convenient glass dropper for simply application

beard / mustache ~ apply drops to fingertips to run through the hair rubbing more deeply to treat the skin where complexion issues can be addressed and prevented.

shave ~ apply drops directly to face spreading over face as a pre-shave providing extra wet shave slip. use post shave to soothe and moisturize skin after dry and wet shaving.

consider complementing the aroma by layering with soap, lotion and cologne