z balm ~ euphoria

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...euphoria an experience of intense pleasure, joy, well being and happiness. oh yes, we want this feeling of contentment!

we want to help you get there with this gloriously, seductive essential oil aroma botanical balm. soothing to your brain's reward system with the added excitement of the human response.

use as desired to relieve parched skin and for those who just enjoy the results. after bathing, apply to damp skin allowing the richness to absorb slowly. apply to dry skin when needed for extra hydration: feet, elbows, hands... delightful to tame hair. you may become as addicted as we are to this gem!

includes soothing and healing calendula, chamomile and lavender in infused in olive oil, anti-bacterial organic hops solar infused in organic sunflower oil, candelilla plant wax, essentials oils, organic rosemary leaf extract. heady with ylang ylang, herbal lavender and more essential oils. vegan as always

1oz in a glass jar for easy recycle.

keep one with you for on the go cuticle hydration

proudly hand crafted in america!