long revered by armenians', this super fruit was introduced
to california in 1769 by spanish settlers.
approximately 77% water, rich in sodium, vitamin B & C.

internally ... said to have the highest polyphenol count, the botanicals functioning as anti-oxidants in the body.
believed to reduced cancer and disease while promoting anti aging at higher rates than many pure fruit juices, including
acai, blueberry and even wine.
considered a boost to sperm count, reducing erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer

opically ... promotes collagen and elastin production enhancing the health of skin structure, plumping of the skin.
scavenging free radicals and preventing oxidation
20x higher than other organic fruit juices.
encourages cell turnover, thereby slowing
aging spots and wrinkle formation.
often used to speed up wound healing.

tidbit ... pre-era lipstick, the fruit seed stain was used
as lip colour and a fashion habit for cleopatra of egypt.

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