healthy skin supports your tattoos as body art

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healthy skin supports your tattoos as body art

body art is widely popular and more accepted these days and all want them to show their beauty for the long term. tattoos often fade. ink quality, aftercare and maintenance are keys to prevention. doing your homework about the artist helps address the first.

aftercare means don't touch, scratch, rub nor pick. simply keep area clean to avoid infection. applying moisture keeps skin pliable, reduces dryness and itching allowing swift healing. tearing off a scab can contribute to blotchy designs and scarring. noting excess moisture can suffocate the wound. a thin veil applied often throughout the day achieves the best results.

once healed ongoing moisture helps skin to remain supple and reduces natural exfoliation of design. vivid tones need the most maintenance to remain as new. protect from sun and consider color touch ups if desired.

new ink and ink drink botanical balms extend antibacterial, moisture binding and herbal bounty to your fresh and healed tattoos. it's ability to nourish and soothe with solar infused oils make it the perfect choice for your body art.

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