z soap ~ a boutique bundle b

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seasonal soap bundle of three artisan bars individually wrapped and ready to gift... better priced than buying individually too!

bella ~ is subtly mysterious on top of green notes with hints of gardenia and vanilla. feels dreamy because organic gardenia blossoms are solar infused in organic sunflower oil and skin drinks it up... creamy white with swirls in soft pastel green. wrapped in sparkly floral paper in green, blue, white and pink, tied with green satin ribbon

drupe ~ greets you with aromatic ripe fruits at juicy edible peak. bursting citrus kisses your cheek while complex cherry and peach hug you ending with bright sweet berries… just like the namesake classification of pit fruit trees! palest of yellows with pastel pink and orange topped with sparkles. wrapped in glittered paper with adorable birds in flowers and tied with a cream satin ribbon

peachy keen ~ makes your mouth water dreaming of juicy ripe summer peaches. complex bitter peel of bergamot balances the sticky sweetness with its tart citrus spray over green leafed florals. delightful! dreamy creamy organic shea butter lather kisses your skin clean. barely there pink with peek-a-boo of yellow and orange, wrapped in sparkly pink and lime green paper, tied with chartreuse yarn.

boycott ugly soap and try this bundle. proudly hand crafted in california!

...fun to present to your guest, share with a coworker, offer as a hostess gift, send to a loved one and even keep one for yourself ; P